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As part of our ongoing staff training, JoAnn has conducted 2 workshops with our entire office over the last few years.  The MBTI information was especially helpful to co-workers for better understanding how they approach situations vs how others might.  As a result, they are better able to be more comprehensive in their approach to problem solving and working with others to be more effective in their communication.  

The workshops were fun, experiential, and have had long term impact.   JoAnn customized her program for our specific group and was easy to work with in planning the events. She was prepared, had lots of examples, and offered a good blend of personal and interpersonal guidance. “ 

Deborah F. Johnson, CFP®, Co-Owner 
Johnson Bixby & Associates, LLC 
A Financial Planning Firm 

“I was referred to JoAnn by our CIO. He felt her ability to provide executive coaching would help me learn techniques and strategies to improve at customer and peer services.  What I found was a holistic approach to work/life balance, and a keen understanding of communication and motivation.  JoAnn's approach included pre-consulting inventories and a series of consulting sessions that focused on understanding group and individual interactions. She provided practical techniques & tools to use in my everyday activities.  

As a result, I have excelled at building cross functional teams in my workplace, built excellent relationships, and re-engineered my approach to problem solving. Thank you JoAnn for all the basics to make my career jump 10-fold forward in the last two years!” 

Donna Loper,
Daimler Trucks North America 

“I have known JoAnn through the leadership work she did with our facility using Myers Briggs Personality Preferences. Her one-on-one,as well as group sessions on team building helped bring our team so much closer together. We all learned that each other would play a role in our success. Once we realized this, the results were measurable and sustainable. 

JoAnn interviews your management team to determine strengths and areas needing improvement, assisting you in facilitating an organizational change, teambuilding, executive coaching etc. 

JoAnn’s years of knowledge allows her to be credible. She caters to the needs of the organization by meeting with you prior to the work to find out what the expectations are and to help you understand the plan she has for how she will help get you there. She then meets with you after each session to make sure the expectations are being met.” 

General Manager
Swan Island Dairy - Kroger Manufacturing 

“As of April this year, my director has placed my old team (UNIX) under my management.  I now have 17 people reporting to me and have been very successful in my current role as Mainframe/UNIX Technologies Manager.  I was very surprised with the change in my position but they did it for a reason.  Over the last three years, I have successfully turned around some negatives into very strong positives.  Many thanks to the work that I have done with you.”  

Joe Edelen
Manager - Mainframe & UNIX Technologies
Daimler Trucks North America 

Comments from Workshop Participants

“You were excellent! And the presentation was fabulous and a worthwhile 3 hours. I am excited about using what was taught” 

Real Estate Agent
Honolulu, HI 

“Helpful to understand the relationship between different personality types & how they can compliment each other. Very interesting & I learned a lot about myself.” 

Business Development Officer
Honolulu, HI 

“Very easy & engaging presentation manner, Very enjoyable, Fun to listen to” 

Participant in workshop given at 
Hawaii Women’s Business Center
Honolulu, HI

“Definitely an eye opener & most valuable lessons to apply in life as a whole” 

Yolanda Yamamoto
Outrigger Hotels and Condominiums
Honolulu, HI

“The time we have working as a team here (in this team building workshop) and the opportunity to “play” has been beneficial. Style and content have been excellent and contagious. I’d like to see more of these (team building workshops). 

Manager of Application Development
Information Technology
Portland, OR

Comments from Specialized Retreat For Corrections Officers

“Amazed at how you tailored this to fit our program” 

“The presentation is excellent, very informative. I have a new hope in the process that a positive improvement can be made in some of our areas of challenge” 

“This was a very good class, quite beneficial to me and others. I would recommend your class to anyone. 

“Overall great class. Enjoyed the open forum” 

“Nice presentation and style, content was good, activities were most helpful. Thanks for your experience and direction.” 

“You did very well; this gave us a lot of information to work with and a process to move forward”  


Comment from Participants in an Organizational Retreat 

“The in depth analysis of personality preferences helped me gain a much better understanding of how these preferences are reflected in work styles.” 

“In seeing my team’s preferences and my own I realize I need to change how I manage this team” 

“I think this was a wonderful class. It was very informative as well” 

“I think everyone enjoyed the Retreat, and checking not only their own Myers Briggs score, but also others! I know I did. A lot of good buzz” 

“The analysis of each department was very interesting!” 

Comments from Individual Coaching Clients

“I can’t express how helpful you were in opening my eyes to issues”  

Supervisor in Communications and Information Management providing services to School Districts 

“I really enjoyed my time with you! I have started using my assertiveness better with out the aggression. You really helped me with that! I can’t wait for our next session! Thank you soo much for your help! 

New manager in Information Technology in the Trucking Industry  

“I am getting along better with my peers at work – thanks to you.” 

Computer Operations Manager 

“You are so good at what you do, that it is clear that in working with you, that doing any thing other than working on the most important issues, is a waste of valuable time. …….  

Thank you for your kind words.  You are able to articulate this process so eloquently, that I appreciate your way of describing this process.  It is both painful and hopeful, but definitely, a step forward.  Sometimes just being able to articulate a process gives the ability to change the problem.  I value our work, and appreciate your guidance.  You are a wonderful guide, and thank you for what you do. “ 

Physician starting a new clinic 

I am impressed with the acute listening skills she has developed. She is now speaking at a different level, she is exhibiting concern about others understanding.” 

Director commenting on improvements in leadership skills he witnesses in one of his managers after her participation in coaching 

“My shift is going to change drastically and thanks to what you have done for me it won’t be a problem. I have gone to lots of training, my one- on- one coaching with JoAnn has been the most valuable training I have ever had. The company has gotten the most value for the money here.” 

New shift supervisor in food processing facility 

A Thank You Note Written by a Life Coaching Client

 “Thanks so much for helping me get my life (my thoughts!) back on track. I feel stronger and more balanced than I have in many years, and I know that I now have tools I can rely on – tools that work – for life’s future challenges.”